Our Team

To succeed in any sport – as well as life – you need coaches that have experience, intelligence, determination, courage . . . and a winning strategy. Learn more about the coaches who will give you that edge.

Gerald E. Briffa

Certified Contract
Certified Player Agent
Registered Athlete


Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Dermontti Dawson

NFL Advisor
Player Development


NFL Hall of Fame

Steve Ortmayer

NFL Advisor
Player Development

Former NFL Executive

GM & Coach
2 x Super Bowl Winner

Caution Please don't be fooled . . .

. . . by the large agencies that will approach you boasting about their client list and/or how much more money they can secure for you in the draft. Many of these are impersonal factory type operations that will say and do almost anything to get you to sign. The power of an agency does not lie in its list of clients,but in the agents and advisors who serve those clients. In most professional sports today, first contracts are slotted.

Simply put, no agency is going to get you significantly more money than any other unless they can raise your draft stock. That is where our strength comes in.
Our Team members, Steve Ortmayer, Dermontti Dawson, Bernard King and Lenny Randle have personal relationships with almost all of the GM’s, Player Personnel Executives, and Coaches of virtually every professional team. Those relationships were forged in the heat of battle playing with them as teammates, relying on each other in crunch time and sharing the ups and downs of the game together. Those are relationships that endure and can be put to your benefit. These men know that when we recommend one of our players, they can count on our evaluation because we’ve played the game and know what it takes to win.

At best many of the factory type agencies have merely business relationships with the teams and care only about how much money a player can make for them.
The teams know it and don't trust or respect their evaluations.

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